Another jeopardized species, the red-cockaded woodpecker, is discovered for the Sam Houston National Forest and sometimes spotted by observant site visitors.

Another jeopardized species, the red-cockaded woodpecker, is discovered for the Sam Houston National Forest and sometimes spotted by observant site visitors.

The little black colored and white woodpecker with distinctive big white cheek spots is somewhat bigger than a bluebird. The male has a streak that is single of feathers for each side of their head. Its unique high-pitched, squeaky call may be recognized at considerable distances.

The woodpecker makes its house by pecking cavities in large, lifestyle pine trees. These cavities are later on employed by many different woodland wildlife including other woodpeckers, bluebirds, screech owls, lumber ducks, squirrels, and honey bees. The woodpecker that is red-cockaded chips pitch wells round the entrances for their cavity nests. The pitch that is resulting provides the cavity tree a distinctive waxy look underneath the nest opening and serves to guard the bird from predatory snakes.

The woodpecker that is red-cockaded designated an endangered species in 1970. This original bird that is little its habitat are completely protected regarding the Sam Houston National Forest. Wherever these wild wild birds are observed, the administration focus is directed toward supplying the habitat that is special need.


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In 1934, whenever the Texas Legislature stretched an invite towards the Federal government to get land to ascertain the National Forests in Texas, little of the obtained land had been well-stocked with woods plus all of the lands ended up being cut over by personal loggers or damaged by fire.

Early U.S. Forest provider administration efforts had been directed toward security from fire, growing cut over areas, and enhancing what is apex the tree thickness in current young timber stands.

Timber into the Sam Houston nationwide Forest is handled for a yield that is sustained, therefore the woodland will constantly create timber services and products as time goes by for neighborhood and nationwide requirements. Once the timber is eliminated, the income from product product sales is delivered to the U.S. Treasury, and a percentage of those funds is came back to your counties for schools and roadways.


Wildfire – The U.S. Forest provider while the Texas Forest provider have agreement that is cooperative action intend to coordinate the avoidance, police, aerial detection, and suppression of wildfire.

Recommended Fire – Fire has an established role that is ecological the growth and handling of the woodland and rangelands and it is utilized as an instrument for ecosystem handling of the Sam Houston National Forest. Recommended fire can reduce hefty accumulations of woodland fuels to attenuate damages in the eventuality of wildfires. After a location is recommended burned threatened and put at risk habitat is enhanced considerably and brand brand new sprouts that are understory meals for wildlife.

Climate, gas conditions, regular timing and fire application practices are typical considered by trained professionals while accomplishing these jobs.


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Liquid – The Sam Houston National Forest is drained through a few tiny creeks to the eastern and west forks for the San Jacinto River, and a portion that is small into Lake Livingston.

Lake Conroe, in the fork that is west of San Jacinto River ended up being dammed in 1972. It really is when you look at the southwestern area of the Sam Houston National Forest near Conroe, Texas. Lake Livingston in the Trinity River ended up being dammed in 1968 and it is situated on the side that is northeastern of Sam Houston National Forest near Coldspring, Texas

Soil – The Sam Houston National Forest lies inside the Gulf Coastal Plains, additionally the major soils had been developed from unconsolidated beds of clay, sand, sandy clay, or clay shale materials comprising old non-calcareous sediments of this Tertiary and Pleistocene Ages. The soils cover anything from slightly to severely erosive, although some of the soils within the woodland will erode in the event that conditions that are right as heavy rains or where concentrations of waterflow can be found.

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